About Euroturn

Euroturn currently has more than 60 active members and is part of Erasmus Sports at the Erasmus University Rotterdam since 1990.

Our core values are equality, sportsmanship and fun. Euroturn offers a place to everyone who is interested in gymnastics and likes to socialise. Euroturn has set itself the goal of facilitating every member to train and achieve personal goals, regardless of their level.

Our Training

Every single training is supervised by coaches with experience and knowledge in gymnastics. Our coaches Zsolt and Kelly are open for any questions and are happy to support you achieving your goals such as training for competitions.

A Unique Combination of Sport and a Social Club

Euroturn is a club that participates in all level gymnastic competitions in the Netherlands. Euroturn is part of the NSTB (Dutch Student Gymnastics Association).

Furthermore, Euroturn is characterised by an active social life. Our event committee organises weekly get-togethers and various yearly events such as a prom, a formal dinner, a barbecue, a skiing trip and a camp.